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National Defense Transportation Association

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Bay Area Chapter

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San Francisco Chapter

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

NDTA- San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is committed to the pursuit of transportation eminence. This is accomplished through services such as military and commercial partnerships; all in tune with the goal of understanding the outcome of Defense Transportation Organization.

Welcome to the NDTA from the President Of NDTA- San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

The purpose of this letter is to acquaint or reacquaint you with the NDTA, our history, our programs and objectives.
It is also an open letter to let all of you know that from time to time we have openings on the Board of Directors and the various Officer positions in the Chapter.  We encourage anyone with an interest to be involved in our organization to let us know.  We know that there are people out there that have good ideas and would like the opportunity to have a leadership roll in an active organization that makes a contribution to its community and country.  Therefore we encourage all who have an interest or would like more information to contact thru the contact tool at the bottom of this page. 

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is one of the oldest chapters in the NDTA having received its charter on June 30, 1949.  With a membership of approximately 300, it ranks among the top three chapters in terms of size.  The Chapter is noted for its exceptionally active and professionally rewarding programs and social events, strong participation in local, regional, and national transportation activities; continuing support of emergency planning, and attention to transportation education. The Chapter provides scholarships each year to scholars to assist them in their education as well as donations to worthy charities.  Over the years, the Bay Area Chapter has achieved national prominence and has been selected by National Headquarters on numerous occasions for the prestigious NDTA Chapter of the Year Award.

Chapter members include members from all domestic and international transportation and logistic disciplines from commercial, government and military organizations.  This provides an opportunity to network with a wide variety of professionals within the logistics arena which not only enhances an individual's growth but provides a positive and value added impact to their companies.

Chapter Board

Rob Brown,
NovaVision, Inc.
Chapter President and Social Media Maintenance


Laura Yarbrough,




  • To provide a common forum to discuss and endorse programs that promote transportation preparedness for economic and security needs for the USA.

  • To provide active assistance, in a non-partisan capacity, to government agencies involved in peacetime and defence preparedness transportation planning.

  • To serve as a link between government and industry to obtain the needed cooperation and support necessary for strong and efficient transportation systems.

  • To assist in the transportation education of young executives who plan to pursue a career in transportation through our NDTA Foundation (Scholarship program) and mentoring.

  • To support continued reliance on the private enterprise systems of ownership and operation of transportation.

  • To support, conduct and assist programs of transportation education and scientific research and development among private, industrial, educational and government agencies, which are designed to increase the effectiveness, economy and responsiveness of the transportation industry and allied services to defence needs.

  • To foster a spirit of patriotic and cooperative goodwill, cooperative endeavour and mutual understanding among its members, industrial entities, components of the transportation industry, the Armed Forces and Government agencies concerned with transportation.

  • To support and facilitate the education of members and non-members on Emergency Preparedness issues.



The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) is administered by an elected Board of Directors  from the National Headquarters staff, located in Alexandria, Virginia.

The field activities of NDTA are organized into Geographic Regions, with elected Regional Presidents. The Regional Presidents are responsible for coordinating the activities for the  Local Chapters.

Committees are designed to assist the President and the Board of Directors in the management and oversight of the organization. Each committee is chaired by an industry volunteer who devotes time to ensuring the success of the association.
NDTA- Bay Area Chapter has pledged to the principals of the NDTA, and focuses those standards in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Active Committees:

Scholarship Committee: Chaired by Charlie Madison, Assisted by  Laura Yarbrough, Will Martin and Grant Davis

Golf Committee: Chaired by Will Martin and incoming Chair Rob Brown, assisted by Laura Yarbrough and Grant Davis

Website and Social Media Administration: Rob Brown and Tammie Lasiter



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