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Cargo and Packaging Security Seals, Tamper Tape


Novavision Inc.

Rob Brown

Global Cargo Security Consultant

Strategic Accounts Manager


NovaVision, headquartered in Bowling Green, Ohio, is a leader in the manufacture of cargo security and packaging security products and innovation. "NV" specializes in tamper evident barrier seals (bolt seals, cable seals and locking bars) for containers and rail cars, as well as mechanical pallet security devices and tamper evident tape and labels. Rob has a great deal of experience and is a valuable resource as a retired Detective and over 12 years of industry experience. Rob is based in California.


American President Lines (APL)

Eric Mensing, President & CEO APL Maritime, Senior VP Government Trade & Affairs

1579 Middle Harbor Road, Oakland, CA 94607,

(510) 272-2010


APL Maritime provides vessel operating services and charted vessel service to the Department Of Defense. APL prides itself on its record of unblemished dependable service in the demanding liner service industry as well as it ability to meet the specialized and dynamic needs of its DOD customers.  In partnership with labor unions APL brings to bear the optimum mix of ship operating know-how, technical knowledge, and management capability.


APL Logistics offers a full range of supply chain services that  reduce costs and increase profit potential.  It bundles and integrates comprehensive services to meet your unique requirements. Count on APL Logistics for innovative solutions tailored to your business needs. Services include Supply Chain Management, Consolidation and Vendor Services, Warehousing & Distribution, Global Freight Management, Manufacturing Support, Asset Management and Day Definite Guaranteed LCL and FCL services.

Matson Navigation Company

Mike Garvin, Director of Government Services

555 12st Street Suite 700, Oakland, CA 94607,

(510) 628-4000


Matson’s transportation offerings span the globe from Shanghai to Savannah and encompass everything from providing a vital lifeline to the island economies of Hawaii, Guam and Micronesia to delivering a wide range of multi-modal services throughout North America including Alaska. Long recognized as a leader in the Pacific shipping, Matson continues to strengthen its ocean transportation services through fleet enhancements, industry leading on-time arrivals and award-winning customer service.






Other Related Links:

Port of Oakland,

530 Water Street, Oakland, CA 94607

(510) 627-1696

The Port of Oakland was established in the late 1960’s and became the second largest port in container tonnage. The Port has gained prominence not only because of its natural advantages, but also because of a leadership that has known how to develop and market them to the benefit of local economy. Oakland is 300 nautical miles closer to Asia and its now booming economy than Southern California ports. This means reduced transit times, lower fuel and vessel costs and faster turnaround for ocean carriers. It service two major railroad lines, Union Pacific and Santa Fe. The Port Of Oakland operates the Oakland International Airport as well.





The United States Transportation Command (TRANSCOM)

Scott Air Force Base, IL


TRANSCOM is the united transportation command responsible for the synchronization and interoperability of distribution activities supporting military forces projection, sustainment, and redeployment globally.  TRANSCOM directs and supervises the execution of the distribution system and develops and implements distribution process improvements. The consolidation of responsibility under one process owner is aimed at realizing logistics efficiencies. It eliminates existing seams between current distribution processes and standardizing the policies; vision; and performance goals in DOD’s supply chain.

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